Things to know

Starting January 12th, 2023 we will embark on a 21 day in-depth journey where we get to dive deep into the anatomy of our preferences, beliefs and spiritual identity.  Our fast is an invitation for the Holy Spirit to speak to us through scripture and prayer and shape and sharpen us from the inside}out.

Below is an outline of how to participate in this years fast


    • Full Fast until 3pm (or 12 noon if it's your first fast, 6pm if you are a veteran). Drinking water is recommended

    • Join our Morning Glory each weekday mornings (starting on 1/12) at 6AM
      VIA ZOOM LINK or VIA PH: 929-205-6099 | Meeting ID: 853 999 65353


    • Eat/Drink any time - but No meats and No sweets

    • Eliminate sugars in beverages and food


    • Join us in-person or online for special prayer services at 7p (LifeCenter Campus) | Jan 18th / 25th / Feb 1st (Communion)


    • reduce your “screen time”: time spent on social media, television, phones, etc.

    • instead increase frequency of meaningful devotions, times of meditation, faith-filled podcasts, prayer, bible reading throughout each day.  Aim for these devotional moments for at least 3 times a day

Please stay hydrated; drinking water and/or unsweetened Tea is encouraged

We have seen time and time again how amazing and miraculous things happen,

when we intentionally and collectively pursue God.