Communion Sunday

prepared place • prepared time • prepared heart

As we consider Jesus' sacrifice and join together as a church to reflect on His suffering; it is important to note three distinct references in scripture regarding this important observance.  This guidance shows how we should prepare




As we do these things we should also anticipate that one of the benefits of communion is Diving healing of mind, body and soul; but also for a rejuvenation and renewal of commitment and faith.  Let us prepare; place, time and heart for the supernatural to happen this weekend

Communion.. Together

How you should prepare

prepared heart

  • Take at least 10 minutes on Saturday or Sunday morning for prayer and reflection
    Ask for forgiveness of known and unknown sins. Purify your thoughts and extend forgiveness even to those who have wronged you.  Seek Gods presence and His power and believe Him for divine healing of mind, body and soul
prepared place
  • Joining In-person: Prepare your Altar Space
    As you enter into the auditorium this weekend, enter with a sense of joy and expectation.  As the ushers guide you to your seat begin to pray for that seat and the seats/people in the row around you (This is your meeting/miracle place) 
  • Joining Online: Prepare your home/room and communion elements
    If taking communion virtually, then consider taking a little extra time in cleaning and preparing the area where you will be joining in communion.  Additionally, if possible, don't just blindly grab anything you find in the refrigerator on Sunday, but do your best to have some sensible options available (ex: unbroken break/crackers/etc  + grape juice/cranberry juice)

prepared time

  • Join us on Sunday as we come together as a "global church"
    In-Person Services are at 8:15am | 10:15am | 12:15pm EST at the LifeCenter Campus
    Online Services are at 10:15am • 12:15pm (EST)