Community Assistance

Our ministry is committed to serving the families of our church and local community and have a dedicated Community Assistance Response Team ready to provide information and resources.


Important information to know

  • How does the coronavirus spread?
  • How to best protect you and your family
  • Coronavirus and symptoms
  • Who is most at harm?

Helpful Links and Local Resources

In light of the recent COVID-19 crisis, our CA Team is regularly updating a list of "local" resources, links and support.

Available Assistance Options

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or by Phone at 888-548-9196

Better Together

Every one at some point in life will face some sort of crisis; whether that is financial, health, relational and/or emotional. It is especially in these times that we rely on our faith to strengthen and sustain us.

Together, let's face the unknown with hope, with love, with kindness and with patience.

If you have a passion to help others, then we encourage you to get involved:

  • Join a Team
  • Donate Goods/Resources
  • Make a Donation