Giving Sunday

This years Giving Sunday also marks the launch of our Year-End Giving Campaign - Making God Known

On Sunday, December 11th, across all of our campuses, we join together in worship on a journey of gratitude, in which we get to experience and reflect on: what God has already done, where God has already moved, where vision has already been launched, and where God is moving presently

and in the midst of this we get to pause and express our gratitude....

through our above-and-beyond generosity

sowing sacrificially

sowing thankfully

sowing prophetically

What if your next

depended on your now

There are two Sundays in the year, in which we believe are prophetic generosity moments in the lives of our plifers.
Giving Sunday in December, and Firstfruits Sunday at the end of January.

As you participate in Giving Sunday: 

give with compulsion from the Holy Spirit

give so that it stings (not hurts)

give without gimmicks

give without guilt

give without a "God If I give this, then you need to do that" statement

give simply because you are grateful to God

give sacrifically

give thankfully

give prophetically

In-Person Gratitude Notecard

What are you grateful for?

What memory or moment do you want to pause and sow into?

During the time of giving, those joining in-person will receive a blank gratitude notecard.  After service there will be the opportunity for these to be filled out and placed in a special box