This June, we will celebrate our pastoral family!

There will be three opportunities for the p-Life family and community to gather in celebration of this incredible family starting with a midweek appreciation service! On Wednesday, May 31st, we will come together for a special Ministry-led Appreciation Service at our Life Center Campus. During this service, there will be various expressions of appreciation from all of our SERVE teams, Ministry Leads and p-Life community members. 

We will be hosting an outdoor Pastors’ Appreciation Brunch, on Saturday, June 3rd, at our Life Center Campus. We will celebrate and extend love towards our pastoral leaders, Pastor Heston and Pastor Sharese, in honor of their 10th year leading Purpose Life Church. This outdoor gathering will be filled with fun, games, connection and an opportunity for everyone to share memories and kind words with the pastoral family. 

In addition, during all of our services, on Sunday, June 4th, we will take time to celebrate what God has done through their ministry and to express our love to the family: Pastors Heston & Sharese, Ariana, Janese and Caleb. As a faith-community, we feel privileged to be able to honor our pastors and thank them for their leadership in preaching, teaching, serving, and worship, along with their commitment to our community and our families.

We ask that you prepare to express your love to them by submitting a special note or bringing a personal card on this day. We will also receive a special offering for them. While there can never be a price that equals the sacrifice of what godly men and women do for those whom they give care, it is a viable way of expressing our gratitude for their love and commitment to us and to the Kingdom.

Thank you, in advance, for helping to make this day special. We pray God's richest blessings on you and your family!

RSVP for the Sunday

Take part in a special weekend of events

Wednesday, May 31st | 7:30PM

Ministry Appreciation Service

Saturday, June 3rd | 11:30AM-1:30PM
Pastors' Appreciation Brunch (Outdoor Gathering)

Sunday, June 4th | Time: 8:15AM, 10:15AM & 12:15PM
Pastors' Appreciation & Sunday Worship Services

*All events listed above will take place at our Life Center Campus.

Five ways we can honor our pastors

  1. As a family, take some extra time each week to pray for our lead pastors and their family.
  2. Our pastors love to hear from the PLC family. Share your favorite memory or testimony.
    (Share a special note, picture, video or favorite message by Sunday, June 4th)
  3. Consider giving them a monetary or special gift before or on June 4th.
    (There will be a basket to bring a cards, a poem, a drawing, etc.)
  4. Find a way to bless the kids individuallyWhen God calls pastors, He also calls the entire family. 
  5. Make it a point to participate and attend as many of the services/activities during this week.
    If you know our pastors, then you know they find huge joy in the unity of sons and daughters, who are insistent on growing in their worship and faith. Make plans to participate in the special gatherings and don't forget to worship with them on Sunday, June 4th.

Send a Video Message

Here is an opportunity for friends and family from all over the world! 

Submit a 1-2 minute video that expresses your appreciation. Videos will be privately shared with the pastoral family.

*All videos must be submitted by Sunday, June 4th at 11:59pm ET. 

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Honor our pastors with a monetary gift

The sacrifice of what godly men and women do for those whom they give care can never be matched by a price tag. 

These gifts are an extension of our gratitude for their love and commitment to us and the Kingdom.

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Take a moment to "Bless" the kids

Our Pastoral family includes three amazing children, Ariana, Janese and Caleb who never volunteered for the responsibility of being PKs. We are blessed to see them serving weekly in various capacities such as Worship & Arts, Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Missions, Audio Visual and more.

Blessing, praying and covering our pastoral family (and more specifically their children) is one of the best ways we can honor our leaders.  Want to treat them one of the girls to spa visit, a hair appointment or even something like a go-kart race or other experience.  Express your love to the kids by selecting eVoucher(s) for something that they will enjoy.

Give the kids an e-voucher