Thank You

We are a generous church

full of generous people

serving a generous God

2023 Impact Report


As we stand in Q1 of this new year, it is with profound gratitude and reflection that we recount the incredible journey we've shared over the past year. Your unwavering generosity and commitment have not only shaped our community but have ignited a flame of purpose that continues to shift the lives of many.

As a church we will continue to be a place where people can:

Connect with God | Discover Community | Pursue Purpose

Considering even some of our local impact; in the heart of Brooklyn, our outreach at Flatbush Junction and the countless community events and our weekly pantry exemplifies our commitment to making a tangible impact on the lives of thousands of families. These moments of connection, fueled by your generosity, have created ripples of hope and compassion that resonate far beyond the walls of our local church.

Our Summer Friday’s program brought warmth and joy to the hearts of many, providing a space for fellowship and shared moments of laughter and connection. This initiative, along with the many workshops and events we hosted, has become a testament to the diverse and vibrant tapestry of our community.

Fresh Oil, a transformational gathering of "the daughters", and the Kingsmen Conference, a spiritually significant milestone for hundreds of men, stand as beacons of spiritual growth and empowerment. The echoes of our Youth Conference and other programs resonate in the lives of dozens of students now ablaze with the fire of God. Our commitment to world impact has created imprints on thousands of families; throughout multiple villages and regions in Belize, Japan, Guatemala, Greece and more.

Thank You.

Your giving directly changes lives for eternity.

Amidst a challenging world-climate and shifting economy, your commitment to Purpose Life Church has allowed us to excel in ministry. During the 365 days of 2023 we were able to: baptize over a hundred sons and daughters, help steward the many who made new or renewed faith commitments and gather weekly with resounding worship shared by thousands in an atmosphere where everyone feels a sense of belonging and purpose.

The 35th-year Vision Gala marked not only a celebration of shared victories but also the unveiling of a new mandate: Make God Known EEAAO (Everyone, Everywhere, All, At, Once). This calling propels us forward into a future filled with limitless possibilities, and your contributions plays a pivotal role in bringing these visions to life.

As we express our deepest gratitude, we recognize that the impact of your generosity extends far beyond our walls. Your support has enabled Purpose Life Church to host gatherings, invest in missionaries, assist churches that transform lives, engage communities, and reach the hearts of men, women, and youth alike.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the limitless potential that the coming year holds. With your continued support, we will amplify our efforts, host more transformative conferences, and expand our community outreach to touch the lives of even more families. EEAAO

Thank you for being the heartbeat of Purpose Life Church. Your generosity, dedication, and love have crafted a canvas of beautiful moments in the past year, and we eagerly anticipate creating many more together in the coming years.

With gratitude,

Pastors Heston & Sharese