Life.... Let's run together

No matter where you are,

who you are or how old you are

..... we are in this together.

So let's make this matter

Welcome to our eCampus

Our eCampus is a digital environment where you and your family can

connect, engage, gather, share, worship and serve.

Church Online

Each weekend amazing people from all over the planet join for a special gathering that lasts about an hour and a half.

Our gatherings often feature worship music, conversations and an inspiring and life-changing message.  Attend by yourself, or join the conversation on our live chat

Sunday Service times are as follows: 8:15AM / 10:15AM / 12:15PM EST

Staying connected

Be sure to checkout some of the exciting resources and ways we can stay connected

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  • Access RightNow media

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Give Online

Automate your giving, or make a one-time contribution using the button below.

Kids Ministry

Our ministry loves kids and we are excited see them active and growing in their faith.

On Sundays our Kids ministry is now open during the 10:15A and 12:15P Worship Experiences. For our e-members each week we upload a special video and handout, along with some parent cues and resources. 

Student Ministry

Our student ministry meets weekly in-person on Fridays at 7:30PM

This an opportunity for our teens to connect, share, pray and even participate in interactive games and challenges