Things to know

Beginning January 11th, 2024, we will embark on a 21-day, in-depth journey to rediscover God-ideas and position ourselves to move ahead with a renewed promise, a restored passion and a greater ability to see the world through God-inspired vision. 

Our fast is an invitation for the Holy Spirit to speak to us through scripture and prayer and sharpen our vision which will impact both our faith and decisions.

Here is an outline of how to participate in this year's fast:


  • Full Fast until 3pm (or 12 pm if it's your first fast; 6 pm if you are a veteran).
  • Drinking water is recommended.
  • Break your fast sensibly each day, preferably with a small, healthier meal choice.
  • Join our Morning Glory virtual meetups each weekday morning (starting on 1/11)
    Time: 6AM VIA ZOOM LINK or PH: 929-205-6099 | Meeting ID: 853 999 65353


  • You can eat up to three times throughout the day, but must EXCLUDE all meats and sweets.
  • Eliminate sugar (in all beverages, food, and snacks).


  • Join us in-person or online for special prayer services at 7:30p (LifeCenter Campus) | Jan 17th / 24th / Jan 31st (Communion)


  • Reduce your “screen time” (such as time spent on social media, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, other television, phones, etc.) Consider eliminating some activity that will be sacrificial and...
  • Instead, increase frequency of meaningful devotions, times of meditation, faith-filled podcasts, prayer, and Bible reading throughout each day. Aim for these devotional moments for at least 3 times a day.
  • Stay hydrated; drinking water and/or unsweetened tea is encouraged.


    For children, fasting for food may not always be practical or even advised. Help your child choose something that they really love and that they typically use every day. In order for them to experience the feeling of “hunger” for the thing they sacrificed, it needs to be something they will really miss. It may be their favorite snack, their favorite TV show, or their favorite game or toy. Once you have chosen an item for them to “fast” from, help them figure out how they will replace the item they sacrificed with time with God instead. Maybe during the time they would typically have their snack or watch their favorite show, you can read the Bible or pray together instead.

We have seen, time and time again, how amazing and miraculous things happen,

when we intentionally and collectively pursue God.