2022 Family Meeting

Sunday, November 13th | 2:15PM

in-person + online

This year's "Family Meeting" will be held on November 13th, 2022 at 2:15PM. This is an important "update" meeting where we will:
1. celebrate highlights from the past year

2. hear critical updates from our pastors

3. discover how to be part of the vision of what's ahead

4. elect three additional deacons/deaconesses to serve alongside current ministry team

The Election Process

for Deacons / Deaconesses

Step I : Nomination Process

Members will prayerfully select nominees via an online form by Tue, November 8th.

Step II: Vetting Process

A "Vetting Team" prayerfully reviews all nominations and puts together a final list.

Step III: The Voting Process

At our family meeting on November 13th, members will prayerfully vote from the final list of nominees

The role of deacons/deaconesses

The biblical role/responsibilities of deacons can be summarized in the follows :


Care for the people: Through prayer, provision, protection and planning

Care for the property: Through planning, practicality, preparation and prevention

Care for the pastors: through prayer, practicality & planning

meet the current deacons/deaconesses

What are the qualifications?

All Nominees must be PLC members in "good standing" who are:

  1. a faithful Member of Purpose Life Church for at least One year
    Faithful in serving, giving, leading and growing
  2. Dignified
    That means honorable, respectable, esteemed, or worthy.
  3. Not double-tongued
    Those who are double-tongued say one thing to certain people but then say something else to others, or say one thing but mean another. They are two-faced and insincere. Their words cannot be trusted, so they lack credibility.
  4. Not addicted to much wine
    A person is disqualified for the office of deacon if he/she is addicted to wine or other strong drink. Such a person lacks self-control and is undisciplined.
  5. Not greedy for dishonest gain
    A person who is a lover of money, he is not qualified to be a deacon, especially since deacons often handle financial matters for the church.
  6. Sound in faith and life
  7. Blameless
    “Blameless” is a general term referring to a person’s overall character and where we not only examine a potential deacon’s moral, spiritual, and doctrinal maturity, but should also consider the person’s track record of service in the church.
  8. Faithful towards spouse.
    In the case of a deacon who is married there must be no other woman in his life to whom he relates in an intimate way either emotionally or physically.
  9. Able to manage children and household well:
    In the case where a potential deacon is married or has children he must be the spiritual leader of his wife and children.